Title Scripture Speaker Date  
To Judge or Not to Judge (1) Matthew 7: 1 - 6 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 01/14/2018
Sowing and Harvesting Psalm 126:5-6 Rev. Steven Yong 01/07/2018
I Am the True Vine John 15:1-8 Rev. Steven Yong 12/31/2017
Riches and Poverty of Christmas 2 Corinthians 8:9 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/24/2017
The Truth of Christmas John 1: 14-18, 14:6 Rev. Steven Yong 12/17/2017
Tracing the Footprints 1 Peter 2:20-25 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/10/2017
I am the Way, Truth and Life John 14:1-6 Rev. Steven Yong 12/03/2017
It's Crunch Time Matthew 25: 31-46 Rev. Kent Blanton 11/19/2017
The Priorities of Jesus: the Lost, the Least, and the Littlest Matthew 19:13-14 Rob Parkman 11/12/2017
I am the Resurrection John 11:25-26 Rev. Steven Yong 10/29/2017
The Unfinished Task Acts 28:16-31 Rev. Alfred Chui 10/22/2017
I am Good Shepherd John 10:11-15 Rev. Steven Yong 10/15/2017
I am the Gate John 10:1-10 Rev. Steven Yong 10/08/2017
I am the Light of the World John 8:12 Rev. Steven Yong 10/01/2017
The Perfect Match Matthew 1: 18 - 25 Rev. Michael Sandstrom 09/10/2017
Incompatible Living Matthew 6:33-34 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 09/03/2017
Worry Free Living Matt. 6:24-34 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 08/27/2017
Two Masters Matthew 6:24 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 08/20/2017
Faithful to the Calling Acts 20:17-24 Rev. Steven Yong 08/13/2017
Awake or Asleep Acts 20: 7-12 Rev. Steven Yong 08/06/2017
Two Visions Matthew 6:22-23 Rev. Steven Yong 07/23/2017
The Mighty Name of Jesus Acts 19: 11~20 Rev. Steven Yong 07/16/2017
Two Treasures Matthew 6:19~21 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/09/2017
The Mighty Name of Jesus Acts 19:11-20 Rev. Steven Yong 07/02/2017
Three Essential Elements of a Missional Church Philippians 1:27-30 Rev. Aaron Tang 06/25/2017
High Calling for Fathers   Rev. Mas Kobayashi 06/18/2017
Be Filled by the Holy Spirit Acts 19:1-12 Rev. Steven Yong 06/11/2017
Temporal or Eternal Matthew 28:18-20 Rev. Steven Yong 06/04/2017
Wealth Management Ephesians 1:15-17 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/28/2017
Life Changing Testimony Acts 16:22-34 Rev. Steven Yong 05/21/2017
Mother, A Great Preacher 2 Timothy 1:2-5 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/14/2017
Back to the Basics Acts 17:22-34 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/07/2017
Obeying God Acts 16:6-15 Albert Wong 04/30/2017
Fasting or Feasting Matthew 6:16-18 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/23/2017
Living the Resurrection Selected Scriptures Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/16/2017
The Difference This Season Makes In Us Matthew 28:18-20 Rev. Ken DeMaere 04/09/2017
Events Before the Passion of Christ Selections from Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Rev. Steven Yong 04/02/2017
The Origin of the Church Ephesians 1:4-14 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 03/26/2017
To Him Is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory Matthew 6:13b Rev. Mas Kobayashi 03/19/2017
A Carrot, an Egg, or a Coffee Bean? Matthew 6:13 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 03/12/2017
The Gospel of Justification by Faith Acts 15:1-11 Rev. Steven Yong 03/05/2017
The Accepted or Rejected Gospel Acts 14:1-10 Rev. Steven Yong 02/26/2017
Forgiveness, New Nature's Habit Matthew 6:14-15 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 02/19/2017
To Forgive or Not, We Have No Choice Matthew 6:12 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 02/12/2017
The Gospel In Action Matthew 28:18-20 Rev. Steven Yong 02/05/2017
The Mission of Gospel Matthew 28:18-20 Rev. Steven Yong 01/29/2017
Everything Is Double In God Ephesians 1:1-2 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 01/22/2017
Give Us Today Future Grace Matthew 6:11 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 01/15/2017
The Mighty Power of Prayer Acts 12 Rev. Steven Yong 01/08/2017
Forgetting the Past and Pressing Towards the Future   Rev. Steven Yong 01/01/2017
High View of CHRISTmas (2): Humanity of Christ John 1:14-18 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/25/2016
High View of CHRISTmas (1): Divinity of Christ John 1:1-5 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/18/2016
Prophecy of the Salvation John 1: 1-18 Rev. Steven Yong 12/11/2016
Christians and the Church Acts 11:19-30 Rev. Steven Yong 12/04/2016
The High View of the Church   Rev. Mas Kobayashi 11/27/2016
Power of the Gospel Romans 1:16-17 Rev. Steven Yong 11/27/2016
The Most Important Thing 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 11/20/2016
Gospel for the Gentiles Acts 10:1-8 Rev. Steven Yong 11/13/2016
The Power of Healing Acts 9:32-43 Rev. Steven Yong 11/06/2016
The Three Why? Genesis 22:1-18 Rev. Daniel Soong 10/30/2016
Review and a Dream Isaiah 55:8 Dr. Paul Chiu 10/23/2016
Distractions Luke 10:38-42 Rev. Michael Sandstrom 10/16/2016
The Price of Following Jesus Acts 9:20-31 Rev. Steven Yong 10/09/2016
Calling and Response Acts 9:10-19 Rev. Steven Yong 10/02/2016
Belonging to God 1 Peter 2:4-12 Dr. Lily Chow 09/25/2016
Pick up your pens and lay down your lives Isaiah 38:9-22 Rev. Samuel Ruigrok 09/18/2016
Blended Will: The New Heart in Action Matthew 6:10b Rev. Mas Kobayashi 09/11/2016
Longing for the Kingdom Matthew 6:10a Rev. Mas Kobayashi 09/04/2016
What is Essential for a Church? Acts 6:1-7 Rev. Alfred Chui 08/28/2016
How to Prayer Powerful Prayers Matthew 6:9b Rev. Mas Kobayashi 08/21/2016
Victory in Christ Always Romans 7:15-25 Rev. Steven Yong 08/14/2016
With or Without Us   Lydia Low 08/07/2016
Prayer Built upon Relationship   Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/31/2016
Pursuit of Happiness   Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/24/2016
Everlasting Love Genesis 2:18-25 Rev. Steven Yong 07/17/2016
Prayers that Put the Heavenly Father First Matthew 6:9-15 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/10/2016
A Guide for Prayer Matthew 6:5-8 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/03/2016
The Day When You Meet Lord Jesus Acts 9:1-9 Rev. Steven Yong 06/26/2016
Identities and Characters Ephesians 5:25-28; 6:1-4 Rev. Steven Yong 06/19/2016
Kingdom's Unknown Behavior Matthew 6:1-4 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 06/12/2016
Examinations before the Meal 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 06/05/2016
The Mission of Gospel Advancement Acts 8:26-40 Rev. Steven Yong 05/29/2016
The Dawn of the Gospel Mission Acts 8:1-8 Rev. Steven Yong 05/22/2016
Yes, You Can BE Perfect! Matthew 5:43-48 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/15/2016
High Calling for Mothers   Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/08/2016
Persecuted (Greatly) for the Gospel Acts 6:8-15 Rev. Steven Yong 05/01/2016
Designated to Serving God with Responsibility Acts 6:1-7 Rev. Steven Yong 04/24/2016
Anatomy of Revenge, Part 2 Matt 5:38-42 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/17/2016
Anatomy of Revenge, Part 1 Matthew 5:38-42 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/10/2016
Persecuted for Preaching the Gospel Acts 5:17-42 Rev. Steven Yong 04/03/2016
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Brings Hope John 20 - 21 Rev. Steven Yong 03/27/2016
The Prophetic Passion of Jesus Isaiah 53:4-6 Rev. Steven Yong 03/25/2016
Look and Live John 3:12-16 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 03/20/2016
"Yes, yes" or "No, no." That's all you need Matthew 5:33-37 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 03/13/2016
Power of the Gospel Acts 5:12-16 Rev. Steven Yong 03/06/2016
The Right Attitude of Offering Acts 5:1-11 Rev. Steven Yong 02/28/2016
Divorce Dilemma Matthew 5:31-32 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 02/21/2016
Yes, We Can Do It! Matt 5:27-30 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 02/14/2016
Knowing and Doing the Words Philippians 4:8-13 Rev. Steven Yong 02/07/2016
Present Your Request to God Philipians 4:4-6 腓立比書 4:4-6 腓立比书 4:4-6 Rev. Steven Yong 01/31/2016
Niger Mission Sharing   Ps. Roger Chen 01/24/2016
The Gospel According to Jesus Mark 5:1-10 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 01/17/2016
Prayer: Church's Heating Plant Mark 11:15-18 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 01/10/2016
Rejoicing In The Lord Always Philippians 4:4-13 Rev. Steven Yong 01/03/2016
Forgetting Behind and Straining Ahead Philippians 3:12-14 Rev. Steven Yong 12/27/2015
The Message of Christmas Merry Christmas! Rev. Steven Yong 12/25/2015
CHRISTmas Message, The King Jesus Luke 2:8-20 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/20/2015
CHRISTmas: Let's Celebrate Jesus Luke 1:26-38 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/13/2015
The Church of One Heart and Mind Acts 4:32-35 Rev. Steven Yong 12/06/2015
The Power of Prayer and Praise Acts 4:23-37 Rev. Steven Yong 11/29/2015
Let's Go Fishing Matthew 4:18-22 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 11/22/2015
The Life-Saving Station Matthew 4:17-22 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 11/15/2015
To Whom Shall You Listen? Acts 4:13-23 Rev. Steven Yong 11/08/2015
Together We Serve Mission Conference 2015 part 2 of 2 Dr. Ace Cheung 11/01/2015
Spiritual Warfare Mission Conference 2015 part 1 of 2 Dr. Ace Cheung 10/31/2015
Why Writing Completes Our Joy 1 John 1:1-4 Rev. Samuel Ruigrok 10/25/2015
Life in the Spirit John 14:25-27 Rev. Ken DeMaere 10/18/2015
There Is No Other Name Acts 4:12 Rev. Steven Yong 10/11/2015
The Unique Name of Jesus Christ Acts 4:1-12 Rev. Steven Yong 10/04/2015
The Powerful Name of Jesus Acts 3:11-26 Rev. Steven Yong 09/27/2015
The Name of Jesus Acts 3:1-10 Rev. Steven Yong 09/20/2015
Reconciliation: Doing the Heart of God Matthew 5:25-26 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 09/13/2015
Worship: Doing the Heart of God Matthew 5:23, 24 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 09/06/2015
The Birth and Functions of Church Acts 2:40-47 Rev. Steven Yong 08/30/2015
The Gospel In Actions Acts 2:33-42 Rev. Steven Yong 08/23/2015
Anger into Worship Matthew 5:21, 22 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 08/16/2015
Anger, That Serious? Matt 5:21, 22 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 08/09/2015
The Core of the Gospel Acts 2:22-42 Rev. Steven Yong 08/02/2015
Holy Spirit in the Prophesy Acts 2:14-21 Rev. Steven Yong 07/26/2015
Murder Redefined Matthew 5:21-22 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/19/2015
Time for Spiritual Inventory Matthew 5:21-26 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/12/2015
The Coming of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-4 Rev. Steven Yong 07/05/2015
Rating Your Marriage Healing of the Heart 2015 part 7 of 7 Rev. J.C. 06/28/2015
 Healing of the Heart 2015 - 7. Rating Your Marriage.mp3
Anger Management: Effective Ways of Controlling Our Anger Healing of the Heart 2015 part 6 of 7 Rev. J.C. 06/28/2015
 Healing of the Heart 2015 - 6. Anger Management - Effective Ways of Controlling Our Anger.mp3
The Fallen Nature of Man Healing of the Heart 2015 part 2 of 7 Rev. J.C. 06/27/2015
 Healing of the Heart 2015 - 2. The Fallen Nature of Man.mp3
My Relationship with Parents Healing of the Heart 2015 part 4 of 7 Rev. J.C. 06/27/2015
 Healing of the Heart 2015 - 4. My Relationship with Parents.mp3
The Ascending Levels of Need Healing of the Heart 2015 part 3 of 7 Rev. J.C. 06/27/2015
 Healing of the Heart 2015 - 3. The Ascending Levels of Need.mp3
Anger Management: Identifying Our Anger Healing of the Heart 2015 part 5 of 7 Rev. J.C. 06/27/2015
 Healing of the Heart 2015 - 5. Anger Management - Identifying Our Anger.mp3
The Way of the Flesh and Pride Healing of the Heart 2015 part 1 of 7 Rev. J.C. 06/26/2015
 Healing of the Heart 2015 - 1. The Way of the Flesh and Pride.mp3
Righteous of God Matthew 5:20 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 06/21/2015
Let's All Be Prophets Matt 5:19 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 06/14/2015
The Fulfilment of the Promise Acts 2:1-13 Rev. Steven Yong 06/07/2015
Waiting Upon the Promises of God Acts 1:1-11 Rev. Steven Yong 05/31/2015
The Law is Here to Stay Matthew 5:18 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/24/2015
Law and Grace: the Gospel of Jesus Christ Matthew 5:17 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/17/2015
A Godly Mother 2 Samuel 1-11 Rev. Steven Yong 05/10/2015
No Vain Life for the Citizens Matthew 5:16 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/03/2015
The Legacy of the Gospel Seeds Matthew 28:16-20 Rev. Steven Yong 04/26/2015
What, Light and Darkness Co-Exist? Matthew 5:14-15 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/19/2015
Salt: Jesus With Skin On It Matthew 5:13 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/12/2015
The Hope of Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 Rev. Steven Yong 04/05/2015
Hell and Heaven: The Cross Luke 23:44-49 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/03/2015
The King Who Is Riding a Colt Matthew 21:1-11 Rev. Steven Yong 03/29/2015
The Life Filled With Vision and Mission Philippians 2:5-13 Rev. Steven Yong 03/22/2015
Kingdom-Living and Reward Matthew 5:11-12 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 03/15/2015
Who Wants The Blessing? Matthew 5:10 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 03/08/2015
The Growing of Gospel's Seeds Matthew 13:1-9 Rev. Steven Yong 03/01/2015
Germination of the Gospel's Seed Romans 6:1-11 Rev. Steven Yong 02/22/2015
Effective Peace Making Matthew 5:9 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 02/15/2015
Yes, We Can See the Invisible! Matthew 5:8 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 02/08/2015
The Seed of the Gospel Matthew 28:18-20 Rev. Steven Yong 02/01/2015
Sowing Seeds Diligently Romans 12:11 Rev. Steven Yong 01/25/2015
To Be To Do: That is Happiness Matthew 5:7 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 01/18/2015
Healthy Diet Matthew 5:6 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 01/11/2015
Mission of the New Year John 15:12-17 Rev. Steven Yong 01/04/2015
And He Came: A Message of CHRISTmas Ephesians 2:17-22 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/21/2014
To Remember or Not to Remember Ephesians 2:11-16 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 12/14/2014
Stay Alert When Christ Jesus Is Coming 1 Thessalonians 5:1~11 Rev. Steven Yong 12/07/2014
Partnership in the Gospel Philippians 1:3-11 Ps. Yuri Nakano 11/23/2014
To Build or Not to Build Ephesians 2:11-14 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 11/16/2014
Blessing of Knowing the Future Ephesians 2:7-10 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 11/09/2014
The Greatest "But": Blessing of Knowing the Present Ephesians 2:4-6 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 11/02/2014
Blessing of Knowing the Past Ephesians 2:1-3 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 10/26/2014
You Still Lack One Thing Luke 18:18-23 Dr. Paul Chiu 10/12/2014
A Life of Wisdom and Joy Psalm 90 Rev. Steven Yong 10/05/2014
Moses: The Kind and Faithful Leader Number 14: 1-35 Rev. Steven Yong 09/28/2014
Moses: The Courageous Leader Exodus 14 Rev. Steven Yong 09/21/2014
Living a Life of Expectations 1 Samuel 17: 1-30 Rev. Michael Sandstrom 09/14/2014
Moses: The Humble Shepherd Exodus 3:1-15 Rev. Steven Yong 09/07/2014
The Unique Identities of Moses Exodus 1-14 Rev. Steven Yong 08/31/2014
Joseph: A Person Who Revered God Genesis 37:50 Rev. Steven Yong 08/24/2014
The Great Inheritance Matthew 5:5b Rev. Mas Kobayashi 08/17/2014
Monster or Gentleness Matthew 5:5a Rev. Mas Kobayashi 08/10/2014
The Humility and Forgiving Spirit of Joseph Genesis 34-50 Rev. Steven Yong 08/03/2014
Eternal Hell and the Great Commission Revelation 20:11:15 Rev. J.C. 07/27/2014
True Comfort: We Are Wonderfully Covered! Matthew 5:4 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/20/2014
Be Sad to Be Happy? Matthew 5:4a Rev. Mas Kobayashi 07/13/2014
Joseph, the Favourite Son of Jacob Genesis 37 Rev. Steven Yong 07/06/2014
Grasping Firmly Unto Godís Promises and Blessing Genesis 32:22-32 Rev. Steven Yong 06/29/2014
Invitation to Be Poor in Spirit Matthew 5:3 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 06/22/2014
Happiness Is... Matthew 5:3 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 06/15/2014
Desire for God's Blessing Genesis 25:19-34 Rev. Steven Yong 06/01/2014
Let's Go Up to the Mountain Matthew 4:23 - 5:2 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/25/2014
The Kingdom of Heaven is Here Matthew 4:12-5:1 Rev. Mas Kobayashi 05/18/2014
Faith Needed in the Journey Genesis 12:1-10 Rev. Steven Yong 05/11/2014
The Journey of Faith Genesis 12:1-9 Rev. Steven Yong 05/04/2014
Believers' Resurrection: Hoax or Hope?   Rev. Mas Kobayashi 04/27/2014